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PSA: No warning for PTSD



A Paramedic’s Comfort

This is an excellent post by a fellow blogger. Sums it up nicely, if you ask me….

An Alarming Trend: News Story About Firefighter Suicides

This is a great story. The statistics are shocking. Horrifying even. If I’m doing my math right, about 17% more firefighters committed suicide than were killed in the line of duty last year…….Two of them were my friends and former co-workers.

That’s not ok.

It is encouraging, though to see that, perhaps, things are starting to change. Take away quote: “It’s going to take a while to get rid of that stigma of, ’It’s not okay to not be okay,’ ”


Health Teaching from a knowledgeable, experienced RN

PTSD is a Jungle

Tripping over the vines is part of the journey

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