Feedback Please!

A bit of an off topic post today…..

I am considering a name change. Tired Fire/Medic is exactly what I am, but I’m concerned it does not convey my purpose – increasing awareness of First Responder PTSD. So, I’m thinking of changing my site to…..




What are your thoughts? Would either of these names gain more attention? Or is Tire Fire/Medic unique and memorable? 

I truly value your opinions….


9 responses

  1. I think that Tired Fire/Medic is pretty descriptive; but, I do think that to get more traffic to the blog, something that specifically tags PTSD might be more effective.

  2. Personally I think the name says it all *Tired Fire Medic* but having a PTSD tag may help increase the spread of your knowledge. I post your blogs to twitter regularly. Although I am in the UK many of my followers read your blog, lots are first responders.
    I wish you had a tweet share button that automatically added your @. I think that would be helpful, especially if your profile mentioned PTSD as well.
    I am a counsellor so mental wellbeing is something I am passionate about. Peer support, via your words blogged, says far more than many professionals can as it hits the spot.
    Jules aka @julieanneda
    Thanks for what you are doing

  3. I think they are all reflective of what your purpose is for this blog. You’re weary, battle tested, but you are also recovering, wise, a general on the battlefield…your opinion and insights will help others on their journey. So in that respect, I believe that you are close in the name, and what ever you land on will feel right.

  4. Captbogey, Julieanneda, and Brandeewine,

    Thank you all for your insight, thoughts, and praise.

    I am not very knowledgeable about all of this social media stuff, so I will do some research to see if I can figure out how to incorporate your suggestions about a PTSD tag in my current name. I do have a Twitter account (@tiredfiremedic), and my posts do automatically publish to that account – is this what you mentioned, julieanneda? Or something different?

    Again, thanks for you input and your support. I know I do not post enough to make a tremendous difference, but it sounds like I am making some difference.

  5. I think tiredfiremedic is something that others may be able to relate to. How many others are exactly that? The name may give them the connection. You bring awareness through your writing.

    Curious…you said “I know I do not post enough to make a tremendous difference….” I think even one person reading your writing and feeling a connection and maybe some empowerment is tremendous. Don’t ever under estimate the impact you have if even one person is touched. That person may save thousands.

    1. Thanks Kandy!
      As always, you have a fantastic perspective and a way of articulating it perfectly.

  6. To be honest, I like the name you have (though i’m probably too late to give an opinion). Tired Fire Medic just seems to have that memorable ring to it. More so than “First Responder….” I think it well describes how you (and others dealing with PTSD) must often feel… Tired. I can only imagine how draining a struggle it must be and imagine that often times you are just that – Tired as in the bone deep tired that sleep doesn’t fix.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts, Tena. Your comments, I think, support and emphasize the other thoughts shared on this topic. And you are right – bone tired sums it up on many days.

    So, Tired Fire/Medic it is…..

    Thanks everyone!

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