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Don’t ever ring the bell…..

Below is a link to a video of Admiral William McRaven’s May 2014 Commencement speech at the University of Texas at Austin. It is the most inspirational and motivational speech I think I have ever seen – most definitely worth the 15 minutes.

My two favorites, (#1 – “Make your bed every day” and #10 – “Don’t ever ring the bell”), pretty much summarize my approach to overcoming PTSD: small accomplishments can mean a lot and don’t give up.  Of course, “get over being a sugar cookie” and “don’t be afraid of the circus” are really good too…..


Which ones are your favorites?


Video: Firefighters Coping with Suicide

This is a great video with a fantastic message. Please watch it all the way through.

It begins by talking about how firefighters cope with responding to suicides. It ends with information about suicide prevention. Great information, but it’s the stuff in between that is most important, I think.

Yes, this particular piece is geared specifically towards identifying co-workers who may be suicidal. However, the message fits for anyone experiencing any level of PTSD.

The take aways: Watch out for each other. Watch out for yourself. Talk! Don’t be afraid to ask if someone needs help. And especially don’t be afraid to ask for help for you….

There was a quote towards the end that I loved: “We are human beings first – firefighters second.”

Happy 1st Responders Day!

I have never heard of such a day, but I just saw it on Facebook, so it must be for real – right?

True or not, this is a great time to say thank to all the 1st responders out there: Paramedics, Firefighters, Police, and we cannot forget the Dispatchers. No – Dispatchers are not “in the streets”, but in many ways I think their job is even more difficult. They are certainly part of the “front lines”.

So, if you are a 1st responder – Thank you for all that you do and all that you sacrifice.

If you are not, then find one and give them a hug…..You never know how much one might be needed right now.


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