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It’s One of “Those” Weeks…….

I call it a “Mattress Week”.  And this one is definitely king sized.

Mattress Week: You know, the kind of week when you don’t want to get off your mattress in the morning. Everything seems like so much more work. Getting out of bed. Getting dressed. Even just making chocolate milk for the kids in the morning seems like an unbelievable amount of work.

A true mattress week goes a big step further. Once I am up off of the mattress and moving, it feels like I am carrying the mattress around on my back. The weight is so oppressive, I feel completely hunched over. And because the mattress is so flexible, it hangs down on all sides – so I can’t look ahead. All I can see is the ground in front of my feet…..And I’m in the shadow of this huge piece of furniture – making the world seem dark…..

Yep. Definitely a mattress week. Is it Friday yet?


The story of a civilian on 9/11 and his PTSD

Some of us chose to be involved in life’s most horrific events knowing, to some degree, what we were getting into. Some volunteered to help knowing it was the right thing to do, but with no idea that this commitment would change their lives forever.

My thoughts and prayers are with these amazing people. And I ask that everyone who knows and understands their struggles lend an ear or a shoulder……whatever they need…..

Mark Trautman – If you need anything, please reach out. There are many of us who understand and want to help. All you have to do is ask. Which may be the toughest thing to do….


PTSD Is Not A Disorder: Remove the “D”

This is an interesting perspective. I think I agree. Although I am not quite convinced that removing the “Disorder” from the diagnosis would eliminate the stigma……..


What do you think?


By the way, this is how a true American hero looks and acts……..



Health Teaching from a knowledgeable, experienced RN

PTSD is a Jungle

Tripping over the vines is part of the journey

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