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Principal of Columbine High School Retires

The principal of Columbine High School recently announced his retirement after almost 2 decades in the position. He was there on that horrific day in 1999. I was too Рwell, almost. I was on stand by at nearby  fire station and essentially next in line. If one more ambulance would have been requested, it most likely would have been mine. Had I been on duty that day, I would have been in the middle of it. I was enough a part of it to know details. I know enough details to fully grasp what Frank DeAngelis experienced that day. I know enough about the investigation afterwards to know what an amazing job the staff, including Mr. DeAngelis, did for the students of Columbine.

I recently had the honor of having dinner with Mr. DeAngelis and a few others. We did not talk about that day. But I can tell you first hand what an inspirational person he is with an amazing outlook on life. At the end of the evening, I very quickly told him I thought he did an incredible job that day. I don’t know if he took my comment seriously, but I hope he did.

My best wishes for you, Mr. DeAngelis, as you enter this new part of your life. And, for the record – nice job.



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