Navy SEAL Murdered at Gun Range

This is a horribly sad story.

A ‘legendary’ Navy SEAL sniper was shot to death along with another man allegedly by another combat veteran. Chris Kyle, author of a best selling book about his four tours in Iraq, has been working with veterans dealing with PTSD. It is believed that the alleged gun man was one of these people Kyle was trying to help. Apparently, while at the range, the gun man “snapped”.

While I am devastated by this news about a true American hero losing his life, not in combat, but at home. Doing good by his fellow veterans, at the hands of another veteran, it raises concerns on a personal level.

Do I have the potential to “snap” like this? Could something push me over the edge and lead me to do something horrific?

I am not a veteran and have never had a violent side, so there are some obvious differences. But I do have a temper. And it seems my fuse has been much shorter since I have started addressing my PTSD issues. My therapist assures me this is not unusual but it is rather disconcerting.

Will I be the next one to “snap”? I sure hope not……

My thoughts and prayers are with Chris Kyle’s wife, 2 kids, and the rest of his friends and family.




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  1. I wish there was a DISLIKE button. This really really sucks! It makes it harder for people with ptsd to be open and honest about it out of fear that someone else is going to overreact.

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